Matcha from Japan's
prestigious tea family


Upon hearing of Matcha...
Many Japanese would think of Matcha
from the Nakamura family, one of
the three oldest and most prestigious
families of tea experts in Japan.

The Nakamuras’ tea shop is located in Matsue city in
Shimane Prefecture, Japan. This beautiful city of abundant
natural resources has a long history of Matcha culture.
Matcha drinking is considered a part of life for the people
living in Matsue, giving rise to a unique tea culture.

Sukishi Nakamura, the forefather of the Nakamura family, was a skillful tea master in the Edo period. He was the first person in Japan to invent an electric tea grinder. In 1884 he established the Nakamura Chaho company, which has produced premium-quality Matcha and inherited for four generations.

At present, Hisao Nakamura, the Nakamura family's 4th generation and president of Nakamura Chaho Company Limited, is recognized as Japan's tea guru. He possesses all-around and profound knowledge of Matcha. He has been appointed to represent the Japanese government in delivering presentations and introducing selections of green tea products, as well as performing Japanese tea brewing ceremonies in both Japan and Europe.

Chaho, a leader in Matcha green tea, imports high-quality Matcha to Thailand from Nakamura Chaho, a tea producing family with a legacy of more than 300 years, to bring Thai people an authentic taste of Japanese Matcha through various newly invented beverages and treats, while maintaining the original flavor of Matcha as a form of respect for its noble status. We only select premium Matcha from the Tea Master and create a blend that provide a rich and smooth aroma and taste, adhering to the traditional art of Japanese tea brewing.

Tea Ceremony Room

Chaho is known as an importer of high-quality Matcha from Japan. We also introduce traditional Japanese tea drinking culture to Thai people. Ms. Tassinee, the owner of Chaho, has built a traditional Japanese tea ceremony house for customers or those who interested to visit.

It is located at the company's head office on Soi Phaholyothin 14. We also use it as a training center for our staff, where we invite Tea Master to demonstrate traditional Japanese tea ceremony to our staff. And allowing them to experience the authenticity of a traditional tea culture.

the spirit of Matcha
continues to the present


Chaho Now...
is originated under an intention to make
Chaho beverages more easily accessible for
Thai people. The origin of the word "Now" comes
from the realization that the haste of today's life
makes us neglect things around us.

"Now" in this context refers to being focused on the present
and having peace of mind, despite haste, competition, and
obsession with electronic media.

Chaho Now is designed to allow people to realize the
importance of focusing on the present, experience
a connection between people to people.

Chaho Now, brewed from the
Nakamuras’ special blend and inherited
a unique Matcha since 1884.