Bring the Spirit
of Tea Master to
Your Business

Chaho Fine Food Services uses matcha carefully selected by the Nakamura family in order to bring Thai people the authentic experience of the mellow flavor and purity of matchless matcha imported, mixed, and produced for suitable utilization for businesses of all kinds.

“. . . importing to Thailand
green tea of the same
high quality found
in Japan . . .”

The Company

Healthy Ho, Co. Ltd., was founded in 2005 as an importer of high-quality green tea from Japan, and selects only first-class green tea from high-quality production sources. Besides bringing in the fresh tea itself, Healthy Ho also imports other ingredients from Japan to create various recipes that blend together perfectly to produce a variety of flavors that not only suit the Thai people but are also easily utilized in different kinds of businesses within the green tea industry.

Our production factories operate according to guaranteed industrial standards under strict quality testing controls, and on time delivery. As a result, our products always win the continuous trust of customers.

Healthy Ho remains committed to maintaining quality and developing green tea products for businesses of all sizes that will provide food and beverage products of the highest quality to their customers.

“. . . Matcha from the spirit of
tea master with more than
300 year legacy . . .”

Our Quality

Green tea imported by Healthy Ho Co., Ltd. is of the highest quality from Nakamura Chaho, a manufacturer with a long history in Japan. Founded in 1884 in Matsue city, this name has been highly esteemed among tea drinkers for more than four generations.

As a producer and master of Japanese tea selection, Nakamura Chaho has had the honor of making presentations to the Emperor himself, and the opportunity to brew tea for a great many important ceremonies in Japan.

In this era, Nakamura Chaho continues to produce premium-quality tea every year. The continued use of traditional standards and methods employed since the company’s founding days shows how methodically they have been passed down from generation to generation.

“. . . the right quality and
variety of tea to suit
your business . . .”

We Are Your Partner

Healthy Ho has long prepared and developed staples for the food industry both on a small scale, as for cake and homemade ice cream shops, and a large scale, for milk production factories, retailers, food businesses, networks of food stores, and bakeries with branches all over the country. The company now produces fine-quality matcha for beverage production as well as all the confections in Chaho shops.

Matcha selected for use in Chaho and Chaho Now tea houses is premium-quality matcha powder produced by Nakamura Chaho, with Healthy Ho supply to Chaho and Chaho Now tea houses. It is a delicately fragrant, mellow taste, with an identity well known to tea drinkers.

With high-quality ingredients, and trusted import standards, Chaho Fine Food Services supply ingredients to match operational needs at all levels of the industry. We are glad to give advices on using matcha and other types of tea to suit various types of business. Even special tea formulas can be realized by us for the success of your business.