Tea Story

1 Matcha Nakanoshiro

'Nakano Shiro' or ‘White at the Center', the name of tea that Daimeo Matsudairafumai spoke from his feeling and was given to the legendary tea from the Nakamura family. It is a precious status that is earned only by tea that has been skillfully and artfully blended.

Chaho, the tea guru, brings you 'Nakano Shiro' that has been brewed according to modern method but still preserved the noble taste and flavor of this legendary matcha from Japan.

2 Matcha Kinpakuri

Fine-quality matcha blended with gold is popular during important festivals or celebrations. It is prepared according to traditional Japanese method, resulting in delicate foam. Paired well with Namawagashi.

3 Matsu Matcha Powder 100%

Authentic 100% premium-quality matcha powder, with no artificial colors and flavor added, from tea fields selected by Tea Master suitable for beverages, bakery products or foods and confections with the scent and taste of rich, authentic matcha.

4 Gyokuro

Gyokuro, or 'King of Tea', is the tea that was harvested from a tea plot that has been covered for one month before picking. This process is the technique of the Japanese to produce smooth and delicate taste in tea. Gyokuro is a special type of tea that gives rich flavor and refined taste. It is considered one of the best green tea due to the complicated processes that went into the production of Gyokuro, making it rather pricey.

5 Sencha Komakage

Sencha Premium Grade from Nakamura Chaho is selected from perfect tea plots, where tea trees have been grown for no less than 5 years in valleys with fertile soil that is rich in nutrients and minerals. It is a famous tea and is the bestseller among sencha of Nakamura Chaho.

6 Fukamushicha

With fully-grown tea leaves harvested in the first season from plots in valleys, Fugamuchicha is a Sencha that has been steamed for a longer duration than normal to impart the rich flavor.

7 Matchairi Genmaicha

A really popular type of tea among the Japanese. It is a perfect blend of Bancha, roasted rice and matcha. Rice is steamed and roasted until it has light brown color. Then, it is mixed with Bancha and matcha powder. 'Genmaicha' was a creation of pre-WWII era by a Japanese tea trader who did not want to waste the rice that was used as an ancestral offering. So, he roasted the rice and mixed it with tea. This kind of tea must be brewed with hot water of 100C and let steep for only 1 minute.

8 Houjicha

'Roasted green tea' is produced by roasting green tea leaves to give a smoky aroma for a refreshing taste. Normally, green tea contains Catechin, a substance rendering bitter flavor. However, by roasting, the heat will destroy the chemical bonds of catechin and caffeine, giving Houjicha lower caffeine content and no bitter taste, making it a popular choice among people. Moreover, some physicians in Japan advised women with new born babies to drink Houjicha, believing it would help with lactation.

9 Dokudami Kenkocha

Dokudami is the name of a herb used as a medicine for curing chronic sores (Its scientific name is Houttuynia Cordata Thunb.) The word Kenkocha means 'Tea for Health'. It is produced by mixing various kinds of tea leaves with Dokudami. This is an original blend from Nakamura Chaho and it also contains six other types of tea which are good for health.