• Sweet of the Day

    Summer Snow

  • Matcha
    Shiratama Zenzai

    Mellow roasted tea

  • The month of mother’s day

  • First harvest of the year

  • This month,
    give your father all the love.

In the month of love, with any choice
of Chaho beverages, get 1 free dessert.

Entering a refreshing summer with the special menu 'Kakikuri',
snowy mountain of matcha with various kinds of toppings.

A special menu 'Matcha Shiratama Zenzai',
glutinous rice flour mixed with concentrated matcha,
accompanied by perfectly sweetened red beans.

Enjoy the delicate taste of Houjicha in different menus
specially created by Chaho with 100% Houjicha tea powder.

In August, the month of Mother's Day,
customers who come with their mothers to Chaho shop
will be entitled to buy-1-get-1-free beverage.

Let's welcome the delicate aroma and mellow flavor of
'Shincha', the first tea of the year, together at Chaho.

In December, the month of Father's Day,
customers who come with their fathers to Chaho shop
will be entitled to buy-1-get-1-free beverage.


ShinCha 2015

Welcome the Shincha festival, Shincha the first tea of the year, with Japanese Tea Exhibition and Tea History in a warm and elegant ambience.


First time in Thailand with 'The Real Taste of Matsue', the event in which as many as 100 styles of Namawagashi are presented by Namawagashi sculptures with more than 20 year experience from Japan, featuring 100 pieces of Namawagashi as designed by 'Sunny Suwanmethanon'. All proceeds will be donated to the Community Children Foundation in Thailand.


NHK has been looking for a Japanese business that has expanded into other countries by selecting among companies which have successfully introduced new products with a long proven track record in the business and brought about fame and good reputation to Japanese products. Since 2006, Chaho has been recognized as a leader in matcha beverages in Thailand and today, matcha has already become a popular choice among Thai people. Therefore, we were honored to have our Chaho shop filmed by NHK, which was broadcasted worldwide.

Coffee And Tea 2009

Chaho was honored to be the host of the event and we invited Ms. Sumiko Nakamura, a Tea Master from Japan, to demonstrate matcha brewing as according to the traditional tea ceremony of Japan at the tea ceremony house that was built specifically for this event. Chaho also has taken this opportunity to present Fumaiko, the type of tea reserved for emperors, to Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali.